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Don’t worry about what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~Howard Thurman


Searching for a passion

They say everyone is born with a gift of some sort. It hurts to even think of not having a gift or a passion. Because I’m a strong believer in GOD. Tho I am a realist as well. What exactly is passion, yea ok something you love to do right ? Yesterday a friend of mine asked me “if someone said take 3 months off Paid vacation what would you do where would you go” in y kind I thought of a EAT , PRAY, LOVE. type ordeal . In reality I had no words. No dreams, no visions not a clue, as to what I would do or where I would go. I have no passion. Well searching for my passion. I have several things I like to do but none that I genuinely love to do. I tell myself if input more effort into all the things I love maybe I will find my passion. I only pray to open my mind up to different things and broaden my perspective of life . I love hard and over think to much. The girl with no passion is the girl seeking more out this thing we call life .

Lessons Learned in 2013 – Personal and Professional

My thoughts exactly …thanks for posting

Get Ready Cuz Here I Come (grchic)

Today is the last year of 2013. To be honest, I’m not ready to get rid of certain things or certain people. But I am committed to becoming a better me and more of myself…unapologetically. I made great strides this year in my personal life and my career, got burned by some people, learned a bunch of lessons and took some huge risks. So I will take this time to list some lessons I learned in 2013.


Never work without a contract or a release form

Always try your hardest, but don’t burn yourself out

Keep in touch with your sister

Its okay to fail

Its okay to postpone something that needs to get done, if you have a bigger goal you want to accomplish

Its okay to ask for help…and money

You will receive EVERYTHING you pursue with the vengeance of a thousand dragons

You HAVE to speak…

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Bye 2013 ….welcome 2014

2013 has been a year of living, I can honestly say this year has showed me many things. the lessons in love and life I learned this year were critical to my life my new beginning . a GOD took 2013 to prepare be in many way and for that I am grateful for trial and error. I’ve was in so much pain but during that pain my whole life flashed before my eyes . Never again will I settled for less or love less. I refuse to go Into another day let lone another year hurt or lost not knowing Myself How I should. I would t have a resolution this year but if I did it would be to improve something big or small everyday in my life that made me uncomfortable I guess lol. I’m just focused on building with the people who I know love me and want the best out of life. No 1 ever gonna love me like me so I promise to take more care of myself and pay attention to ME ! Who I am and what I enjoy …… Whatever that is lol welcome 2014 YOU READY !